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About Santa Monica Canyon

Could you live in the Santa Monica Canyon? First, let’s find out what it’s all about.

Santa Monica Canyon2 300x203 About Santa Monica CanyonOften referred to as “The Canyon”, Santa Monica Canyon is a rustic enclave sprinkled with a little bit of luxury. Don’t be deceived, the canyon is a very high end neighborhood within Los Angeles, and home prices can reach as high as $11,000,000, but that is not an indication of the type of person who resides there.

Santa Monica Canyon is a neighborhood nestled between the Pacific Palisades to the north and east, Santa Monica to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Most of the homeowners in the canyon choose to live there for its unspoiled beauty, as well as its anonymity.

One unique aspect about Santa Monica Canyon is that it is really governed by the City of Los Angeles and not the City of Santa Monica.

So, what makes the Santa Monica Canyon so special?

  • Hidden Enclave – Aside from Adelaide Drive, many people are unfamiliar with the Santa Monica Canyon. Owners within the canyon relish in that fact. Quiet, secluded, relatively safe, AND close to the beach; the canyon offers a lifestyle unparalleled in Los Angeles.
  • Wide Range in Home Values – Santa Monica Canyon is known for being a high-end neighborhood, but there are also homes which can be purchased for a more reasonable price. Within the last five years the highest sale in the canyon was $10,650,000; the lowest was $875,000. A broad range, which ultimately allows for a more diverse community.
  • Access to Recreation – Santa Monica Canyon is ideally located between mountains and the beach. Not only that, but the canyon has direct beach access to one of LA’s most well-known beaches – Will Rogers State Beach. Walk through one of two tunnels that work their way below Pacific Coast Highway only to find your own beautiful sandy beach on the other side. On the other side of the canyon are the Santa Monica Mountains, which offer some of the best hiking trails in Los Angeles County.
  • Sense of Community – The canyon isn’t just a place for you to get away; it’s a neighborhood you don’t need to leave. There are a number of quality restaurants within the canyon that will keep you entertained, quaint shops, a gym, and a small market/liquor store on PCH. These businesses give the canyon its small-town vibe.
  • Canyon Charter Elementary – Finding well-regarded public schools in Los Angeles is difficult, which is why the Santa Monica Canyon is in such high demand. Canyon Charter Elementary is one of the best public elementary schools in Los Angeles, and it services the majority of the canyon.

Overall, the Santa Monica Canyon is fantastic place to live in Los Angeles. Do you have a desire to live in the canyon? Do you know anyone that lives there? Please share your stories about the canyon below!

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